Our mission

Offer the best platform that simplifies the decentralized industrial trade_mining process!

Our web-site, e-commerce Blockchain.Merkury.it is the evolution of years at the service of wholesale distribution and retail delivery throughout Europe of millions of products..

With the explosion of the crypto-currency market and decentralized services for mining, we have re-evaluated the work activity. We have focused on High Perfomance Computing products which are very useful for needs in which high computing power is required. We satisfy the requests for specific hardware components for cryptocurrency mining such as ASICs or high-performance PCs based on GPU or FPGA computing. Finally, thanks to our decentralized HUBs or servers we are able to satisfy an almost infinite demand for computing power. The offer covers all currently minable algorithms, with the possibility of renting the machines even for short periods of time.

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Merkury IT crypto multy service for you

H24 assistance guarantees flexibility and efficiency. We offer customization of tailor-made requests. Remote access to servers or the configuration of multi-control panels maximizes the effectiveness of purchase orders.


We have made industrial mining accessible on a large scale to a public with simple and flexible solutions.

Ing. Francesco Scaperrotta
CEO Merkury IT

Simplifying a large and complex sector such as crypto has been long and complex. We currently guarantee almost infinite power thanks to the spread of decentralized finance.

Ing. Francesco Scaperrotta
CEO Merkury IT

We meet the most varied needs, from high performance computing to crypto mining, today with us just a click.

Ing. Francesco Scaperrotta
CEO Merkury IT