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Through the platform it is possible to mine any coin. The process is simplified as much as possible ... Just select the algorithm sheet inherent to the coin to be mined, select the computing power and enter the alphanumeric code of your wallet with the related mining pool in the product personalization fields. Finally, add to the cart and complete the order with payment by choosing between traditional methods (bank transfer, PayPal, debit/credit cards), or innovative methods (cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litcoin, Ripple).

There are also a variety of products and services to support cryptocurrency mining. Any type of physical wallet, desktop, web or mobile will be available. Customer support will also support inquiries relating to cryptocurrency exchanges or the newest ever expanding cryptographic services.

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For the neophyte looking on Google how to mine bitcoins, this is a very simple and quick service to use. In fact, it requires virtually no real knowledge of cryptocurrency mining.
You don't need to know what an ASIC is, you don't need to know what a mining pool, a mining farm, a mining tool is or what protocols to use to connect to the mining pool (Stratum or not). Simply create an account, pay the related fee based on the hashrate you intend to purchase, with the knowledge that the higher the hashrate, the greater the revenue, and activate the service. In fact, the earnings will be credited directly to your account.

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Crypto Merkury IT: Multiple services for your interest

We offer both the rental of an almost infinite computing power, and the sale of products such as: ASIC, mining rig CPU / GPU / FPGA ... Your every choice will be satisfied in the shortest possible time. Our advice is free and included in the price, because we strongly believe in the expansion of decentralized services.