We often hear about Cloud Mining, let's see what it is

Cloud mining consists in the purchase by any user of a certain hashing power at our company that manages and owns multiple mining farms. For example, suppose you want to buy 10 TH/s (mining power).

We will virtually rent you some of the mining hardware capable of obtaining the desired hashrate at a certain market price. The user will pay only the fee shown in the listing, with no additional costs added.

Therefore, all costs related to upgrades, maintenance and electricity will be borne by the company and not by the customer.

What are the benefits of Cloud Mining?

No technical knowledge required

For the neophyte looking on Google how to mine bitcoins, this is a very simple and quick service to use. In fact, it requires virtually no real knowledge of cryptocurrency mining.
You don't need to know what an ASIC is, you don't need to know what a mining pool, a mining farm, a mining tool is or what protocols to use to connect to the mining pool (Stratum or not). Simply create an account, pay the related fee based on the hashrate you intend to purchase, with the knowledge that the higher the hashrate, the greater the revenue, and activate the service. In fact, the earnings will be credited directly to your account.

No hardware purchases

Another strength of cloud mining is that you don't have to buy any hardware to mine. This results in not having to study which are the best ASICs or video cards for mining, saving a lot of time. For the geek user, the purchase, installation and tuning of hardware is perhaps the most fun part of mining. However, for those without knowledge of the sector, it is all time and study saved.
Perhaps the real positive aspect of cloud mining is that, since you don't really own a specific ASIC or GPU, you don't even have to worry about devaluing and updating your fleet. Real mining with all the related technicalities therefore turns out to be a black box for the end user. Of course, all of this will come at a high price.

No management fees, heat and noise

Have you ever had the opportunity to touch an Antminer S9 to mine bitcoins? It is a machine that consumes 1500 watts per hour, produces a lot of heat and, consequently, emits a deafening noise due to the cooling system.
It can therefore be easily understood that they are not devices to be kept at home. You need a suitable space for these devices, characterized by good ventilation and away or isolated from living environments. The same goes for mining rigs with multiple GPUs, although in this case the noise is usually lower.
Having one or more ASICs to mine bitcoins also requires a large amount of electricity. Domestic energy supply contracts usually start at a minimum of 3 kWatt However, with one or more 1.5 kW ASICs each, it becomes unsustainable to power the home and the mining machines at the same time for small contracts.
Therefore, those who, for example, live in an apartment, will hardly be able to mine bitcoins at home due to all the constraints just exposed. For this reason, cloud mining may prove to be the only possibility.

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